Everything we do and say involves the heart in one way or another.  Our words, actions, feelings, thoughts, and reactions are all a matter of the heart.  Our heart’s condition can be our greatest strength, or it can be our greatest obstacle.  This blog is dedicated to seeking God’s desire for the condition of our hearts, as I learn from Him in the Word, in prayer, and through the lives of others.

I am a wife, cook, seamstress, needleworker, musician, lover of antiques and Southern Gospel, and most of all, a woman seeking after God’s own heart.  I have a wonderful husband I have known since childhood, a 1971 Kenmore sewing machine, and cook everything I can in cast iron.  I love Sacred Harp as much as I love Bach, and believe that the Bible, a thimble, and good biscuits are essentials to life.

Join me as a write about my musings, encounters, and occasionally a project or two.  Hopefully, in the end, we can walk together toward the heart of God.

I love and welcome comments, but please keep your comments kind and appropriate.  This blog is not a political or debate forum, but a place for Christ to be glorified through thoughts and experiences.  I will remove any comments that I feel are inappropriate.


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